Visualization (The Balloon Voyage)


  • Helps get you out of your typical mind-set.
  • Helps you step away from your current task.
  • Helps to stimulate your sensory perceptions and your observation skills.


Visualization encompasses many different techniques – including drawing and imagining. This tool is about visualizing space and people and objects. The idea is to put yourself in a place of “quiet” with some cues that ease you into your imagination. For example, facilitating a trip in a balloon allows participants to imagine the “voyage” to the place or object.

Facilitator sets the scene and requests that you close your eyes and listen to instructions. Facilitator guides the balloon voyage as follows:

  • Imagine a hot air balloon has manifested itself in front of you.
  • Open the door and step into the basket at the base of the balloon (room for one person).
  • Look up and notice that the roof of the room has opened up to allow you and your balloon to rise up into the sky.
  • Guide your balloon as high in the sky as you desire and begin to navigate to your destination.

Depending on the scenario at hand, the facilitator guides you to a new place or space, to meet a person, to explore an object or to observe an event. When the observation and experience is complete, the facilitator guides you back to your original location through the steps above.


  • Start with something simple: close your eyes, clear your mind, and imagine dinner.
  • Think about drawing or writing your visualization experience – capture the experience and its highlights.
  • Keep your eyes closed so you can focus on your imagination and your non-visual senses.