Concept Mapping


  • To help with brainstorming.
  • To sort / organize ideas.
  • To plan events / activities.
  • To outline/ organize documents and publication.
  • To manage projects.
  • To record / take notes.
  • Focus strategies.


Concept or mind mapping is a visual sorting technique that you can use to collect and organize ideas. It works for a broad range of activities, from organizing user research to writing reports to managing projects. From simple sketches to sophisticated online diagrams, concept maps are easy to share, build and publish. Many free online mapping tools offer real time virtual collaboration features that make them particularly good for teams. Most also offer an export feature that turns a visual map into a document outline (useful for generating reports and design briefs).


  • Computer-based tools let you start anywhere so don’t think too much – dive right in.
  • Encourage your team members to add their own entries (instead of asking you to do it for them).
  • Index cards and sticky notes can be used like nodes in a mind-map, turning any table or wall into a mapping surface.
  • Make your map visual. Different icons and colours help our brains sort and process similar concepts.