The Sauder d.studio is an emerging centre of praxis to advance the practice of Strategic Design.  Based at the UBC Sauder School of Business, the d.studio leads Strategic Design projects to build organizational capacity for innovation and tackle tough, systemic problems.

Sauder d.studio Director Moura Quayle –
Professor, Landscape Architect and former Deputy Minister.

Our d.studio’s multi-disciplinary team focuses on multi-sector collaboration and co-creation to generate systemic change through the three pillars below.

Knowledge Mobilization

We endeavour to mobilize knowledge and expertise in the practice of Strategic Design through our “triple-helix model”.  This approach engages government, academia and business in co-creating new strategies to tackle complex social, economic and environmental problems.

Action Research

We lead action research projects, adapting an approach that mirrors the design process.  Our methodology embed research and inquiry into each project, through an interactive, iterative framework. Findings from project activities feed back into the team’s work in real time, to inform and enhance outcomes, while generating new knowledge and insight that can be applied to future design and research challenges.


We seek to embed Strategic Design practices in organizations through project work, so that people across industries, sectors and silos can learn to apply design strategies and tools in their everyday work.

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