Baseball Cards


  • Uses method of interviewing as an introduction tool for a workshop setting.
  • Helps record attendees at a workshop.
  • As a place to record ideas and concerns at the beginning, and throughout a workshop.


Step 1: Find a partner you do not already know (groups of two).

Step 2: Interview your partner and write the information onto the baseball card (8½ x11 card stock). On the front of the card put your interviewees name and if you feel like it, do a quick portrait with your not-usual hand. Then write their past and current experiences (what they do and what they have done).

Step 3. On the back of your own card, list the weaknesses and strengths of the current project as you see it and experience it. You can also record opportunities and ideas here. This is useful to allow people to voice their concerns and ideas immediately.


  • Helpful to have people interview each other – increases clarity.
  • Need to be understood and help your interviewer understand.