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Take a virtual tour of various educational institutions in Europe and California. Moura Quayle visually exposes their differences in architecture, learning environments, hangouts and design.
Design Thinking Q+A

Ronna Chisholm, Co-founder of Dossier Creative, interviews Professor Moura Quayle, Sauder School of Business, about the and new initiatives in design thinking at the School
Design Thinking & Business Education at Sauder (Part I)

A conversation about the Sauder and how it will bridge the gap between business and design
Design Thinking & Business Education at Sauder (Part II)

Current educational institutions and their capability to “live-up” to the fast-paced demands of our changing world. Where does Sauder fall in the big scheme of design and business?


Design Thinking – An early pioneer in business transformation, the global consultancy IDEO integrate design thinking into all aspects of their organization. – IDEO’s social networking site; an online platform where design thinkers can meet and interact. – Another social networking site for design thinkers. – Website full of innovation, innovation and celebration of ideas which sprang from the book written by Dave Stuart and Mark Simmons. – Hackfwd is a group of venture capitalists, looking to invest in tech innovations by providing a business incubator for bright ideas. – Website of Stanford’s Institute of Design, a cutting-edge learning environment that fosters innovation and creativity through a studio based pedagogy. – An online platform, provided by the Business Design Association, where professionals collaborate and discuss issues relating to business transformation. – Corporate website of Frog Design, a global innovation consultancy working with leading companies to create and bring meaningful products, services and experiences to the market. – Corporate website of Zurb, a team of interaction designers and strategists, it also includes interesting company blog. – Useful site with design thinking information, however, there seems to be no activity since 2010.

Other Websites of Interest & Videos – Studio at Copenhagen Business School