Story Share


  • To perform user research.
  • To share knowledge.
  • To creating shared experience.
  • To launching a project.
  • To record / take notes.
  • Focus strategies.


Story Share is a powerful user research technique that can energize a group quickly. It can be done once as an ice-breaker in ten minutes, or repeatedly for 30 minutes or more over the life of a project.

Encouraging participants to unpack (pull apart) and discuss stories reveals the depth of information buried within – and builds their own story analysis skills.


  • Ask users to share a short story/ personal experience related to the topic. For example, “tell me about a time when you were trying to find a new place to live.” Use pairs for large groups.
  • Allow time to prepare. – good for “homework”.
  • Tell a “sample” story to help folks get started.
  • Ask pairs to keep notes.
  • Encourage listeners to ask questions once the teller is done.
  • Convene after share to identify key elements.