GPP 590

In this course, each MPPGA student will complete a The Global Policy Project [GP2] is a major requirement in the MPPGA program.

GP2 is done in a team of 4-5 students under the guidance of a UBC Faculty member who is designated as their Project Mentor.

It provides an opportunity to integrate learning from previous terms and acquire further field-based policy experiences.

It provides a chance for students to integrate the theoretical and conceptual knowledge of courses into a significant policy project with ideally both a research and a practice focus (preparing students to be both policy research analysts and/or policy practitioners).

The project will be derived from the development of an initial design brief that outlines the expectations of the Client and MPPGA Project Mentor. Deliverables include a final policy brief, report, or another agreed upon work, reflections done on the process of completing the Project, as well as action plans or a series of prototypes to be tested out by the client.  Students will attend a weekly 2-hour studio session for work on the GP2, and most project teams will undertake international field work.

GP2 fulfills several major learning objectives of the MPPGA:

  • developing policy practice and research skills by integrating previous learning into a client-based real-life situation;
  • developing an understanding of policy implementation in the field; and,
  • developing a specific policy expertise through deeper working experience.

Global Policy Project Outcomes:
As a part of this course students will:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of key concepts in the program, as embodied in the core courses, in an applied context;
  • Apply policy research and practice skills working with a variety of stake-holders;
  • Demonstrate effective interview-skills, communication skills, and group work skills; and,
  • Produce a comprehensive policy report, action plan or other deliverable that synthesizes the knowledge they have gained throughout the program.