Service Journey


  • For visualizing the customer journey and their experience along the way.
  • To understanding detailed user experience.
  • To see gaps in the journey.
  • To developing a sense of the flow of the experience.
  • To consider the total context of the service that you are exploring.


The service journey is a technique that maps the customer experience as a journey, much the way in which you might to plan a route and agendas for holidays.

The map is divided into periods: pre- service, service and post-service: awareness, applying, proving, receiving, re-applying.

The touch-points record the main user actions and intentions — and then they allow you to “connect the dots” and see where the experience gaps and connections are.


  • Think about stages, touch-points, interactions and actors.
  • Use the tool to visualize the customer journey.
  • Don’t forget to consider the entire environment and context for the journey.
  • Don’t just map the journey once — go back and evaluate and refine.