Dotmocracy (Nominal Grouping)


  • Helps clarify priorities and make group decisions.
  • Helps with co-creativity/collaboration.
  • Helps to give the ‘silent majority’ a voice.


Dotmocracy is a simple method for recognizing points of agreement among a large number of people. It is a facilitated methodfor collecting and recognizing levels of agreement on written statements among a large number of people. Dotmocracy can be used within large and small meetings, conferences, and forums.

Step 1. Generate

Step 2. Discuss

Step 3. Record

Step 4. Vote (could use a number of ways or techniques for voting, such as dots, money, ranking)


  • Before starting a Dotmocracy process on a complex topic, background should be provided to the participants to ensure they are knowledgeable on the issue that will be addressed.