Design Thinking — the next competitive advantage?

My first “design” post from London.  Just two hours off the plane and we found ourselves at the Rotman School Design Thinking Experts Series.  The topic:  “Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitve Advantage.” The panelists were: Lucy Kimbell: Clark Fellow in Design Leadership, Said Business School, University of Oxford Roger Martin: Dean, Rotman School […]

The consumer is changing everything!

Finishing up my last post on the Redesigning Business Conference. How businesses are innovating by thinking like designers and building their strategies around customers’ experiences. CASE STUDY:  Penguin Books — Spinebreakers Anna Rafferty, Digital Marketing Director, Penguin Penguin had no experience in social networking or social media — but Anna really felt strongly that there […]

The new competitors…Riversimple and PACT

Using design thinking these business people built their companies.  The results show just how different organizations could look in the future as new approaches are adopted. THINKING ABOUT THE CAR IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY:  Riversimple Hugo Spowers, partner, Riversimple Riversimple is a small UK company focusing on a dramatic shift in how we […]

The hybrid problem-solver

Design is all about hybridizing — borrowing from other disciplines, cross-referencing and re-thinking constantly. Therefore, the final panel at the Fresh Thinking conference was of great interest to me. Tim Brown, President and CEO of IDEA (and author of Change by Design) David Kelley, Head, Standord Design School, Founder IDEO Mickey McManus, CEO and Principal, […]

Successful failure and the Economics of Innovation

Ever thought about a typology of failure?  Or that failure is actually a step to success? There was a full panel on thinking through the role of failure in innovation including Amy Edmondson from Harvard Business School, Kris Halvorsen, Chief Innovation Officer of Intuit, Judy Estrin, Author of “Closing the Innovation Gap” and former CFO […]

The end of health care as we know it!

Michael Porter and Clay Christensen, two Harvard business school professors (via video link) meet 3 CEOs of Health Care businesses/foundations in dialogue at the Fresh Thinking: Innovation conference. Clay Christensen, Professor, Harvard;  Michael Porter, Professor, Harvard;  George Halvorson, CEO, Kaiser Permanente; Mark Smith, CEO, California HealthCare Foundation; and Andrew Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of Proteus […]

Flashes of genius…

Andreas Kluth.  Scott Berkun.  Paola Antonelli.  Sprinkled through the conference were mini sessions — usually about 10 minutes long — which were called “Flash of genius”.  I really liked this idea — it provided a good break from the panels and interviews and you could focus on only one person providing a specific perspective on […]

Innovation and the future of the US economy…

Christina Romer, Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors is a very articulate and direct woman.  She is a UC Berkeley Economics professor  and this “interview” took place at 5:15pm after a long conference day — but we were all mesmerized by this session.  Greg Ip, the US Economics Editor for  the Economist […]

More Fresh Thinking —

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Trust is the new black?  Pessimism is the new black? Moore’s Law.  The World is not Flat?  Jazz and innovation. Am at SFO.  Air Canada does it again.  Almost 2 hours late.  But time to catch up on yesterday’s conference fare and maybe even get into reporting on today.  Given that […]

Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy — Part 1

Global Innovation.  Techno-utopia. Flashes of genius.  Social entrepreneurship.  Innovation and the future of the US Economy. All these topics were packed into the first day of The Ideas Economy: Innovation conference at Berkeley co-hosted by The Economist and the Haas Business School at Berkeley. Program can be found at: The Economist is setting up […]