The Studio Summit: Copenhagen Business School

Angele and I attended the first Studio Summit at the Copenhagen Business School at the end of August. The Summit gathered together around 25 participants who teach in some form of studio in business schools, theatres, engineering programs and other interesting locations.

Of course, we ran the Summit like a studio. The first day we did a kind of Global Cafe/Story Share where in small groups we heard about the various activities from around the world such as:

  •  Stefan Meisiek, Michel Avital and Daved Barry from the Copenhagen Business School — who hosted us in the studio@CBS (where the Summit took place.  Stefan has launched a studio-based Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  How wonderful is that!
  • Nancy Adler from McGill and Nabil Harfoush from OCAD made up the Ontario contingent
  • Moura Quayle and Angele Beausoleil from Sauder — Angele was one of the Flashes of Brilliance sessions where she outlined her case study of the which will soon be published!
  • Takaya Kawamura – Osaka City University — added a very global dimension to the Summit
  • Jonathan Bean and Doug Allen from Bucknell University have an active studio going in their business program.
  • Hakan Ozcelik – Sacramento State — is doing very interesting work connecting drama/theatre with business
  • Charlie Canon – Rhode Island School of Design — brought the fresh perspective from the designer point of view as RISD connects with “making change” out in the community
  • Sylvain Bureau – ESCP Europe and PIerre Tectin – Artist — brought yet another perspective telling us about the way they send their business students out into Paris to “barter” and bring elements back into a art piece/sculpture
  • Anna Inesta, Maika Valencia and Jaclyn Wilson from ESADE in Barcelona shared their web-based studio-type business course
  • Fawwaz Habbal, Executive Dean for Education and Research, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences reminded us about the possible scope of studio learning
  • Karen Bubb from Boise State University is a public art manager at Boise City and a teacher in the biz school
  • Richard Blythe – RMIT Melbourne — Dean of the School of Architecture did a wonderful job of capturing our various sessions visually and brought the designer mind to the proceedings
  • Damian Ruth from Massey University brought the great questions from an experienced educator
  • Banny Bannerjee from the Stanford Change Labs helped us see studios in the bigger context.
  • Michele Rusk from the Belfast School of Art kept us hopping around thinking laterally about everything
  • Sue Moffat from New Vic Theatre was great at intervening at just the right time to remind us about the breadth of studios
  • And I am going to have forgotten a few people for which I apologize — but this gives you a sense of the diversity of the participants.

The second day we engaged in a charrette with small teams.  Here is the charrette outline:

STUDIO SUMMIT Charrette Brief

And here are some images from the event itself:

Studio Summit 1 Studio Summit 2 Studio Summit 4

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