d.studio moves to new Sauder Learning Labs

Just an update (finally) on the move of the d.studio from Henry Angus 338 to the new Sauder Learning Labs.  First an update on COMM 388 and its “expansion”.  This term we have two studios happening.  On Tuesday afternoons Angele Beausoleil is leading 30 students in an exploration with a client and on Wednesday afternoons I am working with 30 students and 5 companies — 4 of whom are new ventures with the ISIS iHUB Coast Capital Savings accelerator:  CleanStart, Natural Source, Skipper Otto’s, Shifting Ground and Zipments (not in iHUB).

It is exciting that we now have a “mixed” studio with students from Arts, Engineering and Environment Design added to the crew of Sauder students.  I am very happy about this expansion into the rest of the campus.  While I miss the little d.studio, the move to the Learning Labs has allowed a larger cohort to experience the d.studio.

The learning labs are located  “under” the White Spot/Tim Hortons accessed of Agricultural Road.  Here are some images:

New d.studio in learning lab New learning lab d.studio new writing on glass in learning lab

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