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Beta Projects.  Trials.  Demos.  Pilots.  Seems like the way to go these days to minimize risk and maximize potential to test ideas, to prototype them and learn very specifically what works and what doesn’t.

The Dublin City Beta Project is an example of the city’s suite of innovative ideas to engage its citizens.

Dublin City Beta Projects Ethos

•Transparency (the idea that everything is open — principles and practices)

•Co-Creation (conversations not broadcasts)

•Lean Principles (keeping processes and costs “lean”)

•Failure is OK (if learning)

•Observing ‘Desire Behaviour’ (aligning citizens needs and behaviour with the beta projects)

•People are ‘inherently good’ (hurrah — instead of always assuming the worst)

•Highlighting Dublin City Council ‘thinking’ / innovation (politicians and public servants working in tandem)

10 aspects of Beta Projects

1.Beta Projects will test ideas which apply city-wide.

2.Beta Projects test concepts.

3.Ideas will be tested directly ‘on the street‘.

4.We’re looking foryour input, feedback and suggestions!

5.They’reclearly highlighted as ‘trials’.

6.Beta Projects will beshort trials.

7.Beta Projects will beflexible to change.

8.Beta Projects are generally trialled for low sums of money.

9.Beta Projects are generallyplanned quickly.

10.All of the Beta Projects arecarried out in a specific test area.

Here is one of the projects — traffic light boxes that seem to attract graffiti.  Instead, they are a canvas for engaging and colourful public art.

 Dublin_City_Beta_Projects_-_Shane_Waring_-_WCCP_Presentation_130627.pdf-2 3Dublin_City_Beta_Projects_-_Shane_Waring_-_WCCP_Presentation_130627.pdf-2

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