Design Strategies for Business Innovation

We are back in the with 20 new and engaged undergraduate students.  This year I am co-teaching with Angele Beausoleil — a colleague and also a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies student at UBC who comes with a vast array of experience in design, technology and entrepreneurship.  The B.Comm course (open to 3rd and 4th year commerce students) has moved from its pilot status to a permanent course called:  Design Strategies for Business Innovation: Studio Practice.  Hurrah!

We had our first class this past week and as usual we throw them into the deep end with a project called “Business in a Back-Pack” which essential means (in pairs) dumping out back-packs and purses — and using their wits, talents and the contents of the back-pack — they create a business in about 45 minutes.  Then they have 2 minutes to pitch the ideas to the class.  It gets them going fast.

Here are some photos from the class.  Am going to look for some students to blog each week to keep the blog site active and to get me into some more strategic blogging.  Stay tuned.

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