How design strategy is utilized in the corporate world?

“Some companies already understand this and are working design thinking into their organizations. It’s not such a hard thing to do. The toughest part is taking that first step — breaking away from your habitual way of working and getting out into the world.” 

“Breaking away from your habitual way of working and getting out into the world.” Who embraces changes? Who likes uncertainty? Surely, not everyone enjoys throwing himself or herself out there. But if being brave enough to change my routine life could mould me to be a stronger person, I might be willing to give it a shot.

So why did I bring that up? It’s the “season” of course registration. “Is this course a GPA booster? How’s the workload like?” Common questions, aren’t they? Taking a step back, are we willing to enroll in a challenging yet rewarding course?

“There she goes again.  A “sales” representative to promote what she’s supposed to do.” I do chuckle at those thoughts that I imagined people to have of me. Honestly, I haven’t taken COMM 388 (formerly COMM 486J): Design Strategies for Business Innovation: Studio Practice but in all seriousness, when I tell someone I’m working for the Sauder Studio, they are very interested in finding out what’s the d-studio or design strategy all about?

So, let me draw our attention to how design strategies are played out in the corporate world: P&G Changes Its Game, How Procter & Gamble is using design thinking to crack difficult business problems.Through, P&G provides credible consultative advice for you without you having to leave your home. P&G understood the frustrations women faced in having to choose a suitable skin product, and by undergoing the “Design Thinking Initiative” such as workshops as a start, P&G invented a streamlined way to connect with consumers online.

The site’s narrator walks a customer through a series of engaging questions about her skin and from analyzing the customer’s responses, the system quickly assembles a tailored set of recommendations for a regime that is designed to meet your age and stated desires. With increased satisfaction and better experience, P&G does see an increase in their equity scores and better loyalty to the brand.

What’s so good about design thinking? “Once business leaders use design thinking to reframe problems, they are transformed,” says Cindy Tripp, marketing director at P&G Global Design.

And, is an excellent reframing example.




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