Design thinking & journalism

Do you feel panicked by new technology? Has the Internet uprooted your business model? Is your industry changing too quickly for you to keep up?

You’re probably in journalism. Dial down the panic – design thinking just might come to the rescue!

This article deals about one man’s quest to use design thinking to “re-engineer journalism.” He works with the at Stanford. How can the design thinking process help the news business? Well, if it can help to solve “urban rage” (check out this article from Wired magazine), it could certainly be used to help redefine a confused industry. In this article, the author comes to the conclusion that the problem facing journalism needs to be better defined. After all, that is one of the first steps of design thinking.

Design thinking could be the way forward for journalistic organizations. It could find simple solutions, such as designing better experiences for final users, the readers of the news. For example, the Economist has developed a clever iPhone application that lets readers flip through sections conveniently instead of having to lug a magazine around. Design thinking could be the answer to innovative new forms of journalism.

Now, let’s put the Sauder students to work and help design the future of news!

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