Creative Business Thinking Week 2:  the brain again

Creative Business Thinking Week 2: the brain again

This week we began the session with play dough.  The idea is that we do a creative warm-up each week — designed by one of the student teams.  This team made their own colourful and scented play dough.  We all had floods of memories around the feel and scent especially.  A fun start to the […]

Creative Business Thinking: a nordic approach — Week 1

Creative Business Thinking: a nordic approach — Week 1

  Balder and Morten have arrived!  Hurrah.  The idea to invite two creative and talented PhD fellows from the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) to teach at Sauder emerged last spring during my 2month stay at CBS.  Balder Onarheim (a industrial designer on the left below) and Morten de Friis-Olivarius (a neuroscientist on the right below) […]

Re-inventing life in the swamp

Re-inventing life in the swamp

[originally posted here] To borrow a delightful phrase from Soren Hansen and Henning Sejer-Jakobsen, one of the chief benefits of change labs for social innovation is that they allow us to lift our change process — “away from the swamp of everyday activities — routine, fear of failure, prejudice, bureaucracy and rules.” Instead, change labs offer […]

Drawing The "First Year" learning map

Reflection | Five

Hey guys, Throughout the year, I always looked forward to a good three hours on every Wednesday of creativity, group work, and learning at the Sauder D. Studio. In retrospect, the journey through this course was absolutely amazing. The course allowed us to explore through 95% hands-on work. I would recommend this class to anyone […]

2012 Business weapon of choice: Design Thinking

2012 Business weapon of choice: Design Thinking

  Design thinking is a growing trend in the business world. I feel that this topic is ready to be incorporated into Comm101, as design thinking skills can essentially be transferred into every subject. Design thinking is not something for students to simply learn and regurgitate – it changes the way a student learns altogether. […]

Nigel's Family

Design your life!

    Ted Talks Nigel Marsh: How to make work life balance work. Just before we venture into the real world in search for our dream jobs and embark on a journey of the “working life” I want to contribute a few tips on balancing work and life. It is imperative that you set guidelines […]

Paper can speak!

Paper can speak!

Ted Talks Kelli Anderson: Design to challenge reality Filmed 2011 Posted 2012 This video is a speech made by Kelli Anderson about her experience, work, and goals as a modern designer.  She believes that people often confine the regular but do not explore other possibilities. She believes that the world is full of order, logic, and […]

TED Talk: Seth Godin: Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Delights

TED Talk: Seth Godin-Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Delights (VIDEO) Marketing guru Seth Godin tackles how to make your product stand out in one of his most famous Ted talks.  Based on his book The Purple Cow, Godin delves into what makes a product extraordinarily successful and why even those products who appear useful or appealing […]

Climate Smart Business Team with client Elizabeth Sheehan week 13: final climate smart review

Sauder commerce undergrads never cease to amaze me with their talent, commitment and creativity.  At least the ones that choose to be part of the exhibit these traits.  Last Wednesday was the final studio where we invited the CEOs of the 5 business that the students worked with during the major project of term […]

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