Reflection | Five

Hey guys,

Throughout the year, I always looked forward to a good three hours on every Wednesday of creativity, group work, and learning at the Sauder D. Studio. In retrospect, the journey through this course was absolutely amazing. The course allowed us to explore through 95% hands-on work. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone, I believe I’ve become a true advocate of design thinking and the D. Studio!

This class got me engaged in work I would’ve never done outside of the D. Studio.

Here only a few examples:


  • Discuss entrepreneurship with over six CEOs in a single class time in real life or over Skype
  • Engage with a real business to solve their sustainability or marketing problems
  • Use exactly what I’ve learnt in the class and apply it to a professional setting at Van Houtte Coffee
  • Interview one-on-one with the CEO of ClinicBook
  • Not only create the business canvas, but use it to find insights and problems

I learned how to…

  • effectively doodle, (no joke).
  • create artistic PowerPoints
  • Lead an effective brainstorming session
  • Free write
  • Participate in a discussion with all different thinking-hats
  • Present design thinking to another student or colleague
  • Design and prototype my ideas with my own toolkit of Lego, clay, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and magnets
  • use word press and edit videos
  • Prototype


Drawing The “First Year” learning map

I’d expand on everything I’ve learnt and experience but that would simply bore any reader. So I’ll touch on what I think was my most memorable moment in the course, which was working with my team to host a design thinking/ sustainability workshop with Van Houtte (coffee services). It was just an awesome experience to work with so many professionals on a real life case. The feedback we received was extremely positive, and it gave me confidence that I can definitely improve if I ever host another workshop. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learnt in my future assignments and projects.


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