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Nigel Marsh: How to make work life balance work.

Just before we venture into the real world in search for our dream jobs and embark on a journey of the “working life” I want to contribute a few tips on balancing work and life. It is imperative that you set guidelines for yourself at these preliminary steps of your career before you get caught in the cycle of attempting to juggle work and other aspects of life.

Nigel’s Family

Nigel Marsh is currently the CEO of Leo Burnett, a leading communications company, after being fired from D’Arcy. He is a classic corporate warrior,  and speaks about work life balance and how he has found success.

A prominent issue is that some jobs do not make it possible for employees, especially those in new families, to succeed. “Thousands of people work long hard hours to buy things they don’t need and to impress people they don’t even like.“ So how do we solve this issue? It is in YOUR hands to arrange your daily schedule and life within and outside of a commercial corporation.

It is in every interest of a corporation to take the best of your energy, time, and focus. Before making a decision to embark on a career journey, set up and carefully judge your boundaries. Think about the work environment, time requirements and all the aspects that affect your life on a professional and personal basis, taking into consideration YOUR idea of a balanced work and personal life.

Step #1: Think, what is your ideal balanced day? Write it down.

1. Wake up from at least 7 hours of sleep.
2.  Cook breakfast and read the paper
3.  Walk the dog
4.  Commute to work

Step #2: Examine the job requirements. Does this allow for enough time in all your categories of life?


  1. Working hours: 9-5, weekends undisturbed?
  2. Would you be required to “take your work home”?
  3. Categories to consider : Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Social
  4. Would you be required to travel often? (taking family into consideration)

Step #3: Make the right choice! What does your life look like with each job? Is this what you want? Don’t settle easily.

Tip: A balanced life is about presence. Presence of the mind. Focus on the tasks at hand and live in the moment.


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