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  1. Ionicatod

    Oh I’m glad you’ve treated youreslf to a Keurig machine :)Well, the Bustelo experiment in our home ended up in a disaster. Not so much with the taste. More so with my not-so-kitchen-savvy husband putting his Bustelo-blend coffee grounds right into the machine. That’s right. No K-cup. No reusable pod, even though I bought that specifically for him, and showed him how to use it. Needless to say, we were picking coffee grounds out of that machine for two months. My husband also isn’t as much of a foodie as I am. Our local Publix grocery store recently started carrying K-cups (finally)! I bought hubby home a box each of Van Houtte Twilight, and Van Houtte Kenya Kilimanjaro. Me: “Did you like them?”Hubby: “Yes.”Me: “Should I buy them again?”Hubby: “If you want.”You see my point. LOL! He did say he likes his Big Easy Bold, and Jet Fuel the most. With the Bustelo, I would have to guess that your stove-top brewer is heating up much hotter than the Keurig. Since you have the B70, I would suggest using the hottest setting, and pack in the grounds tightly in the reusable My K-Cup filter, to increase the pressure inside. Do share your results with us :)Enjoy your new machine!

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