2 responses to “Reflection 5: The Semester of the d-Studio”

  1. minak417

    I agree, Megan! D-studio gave me such a different experience from the rest of my classes at Sauder. At first, I wasn’t used to it – the whole notion of non-linear thinking and being creative – but like you,I found myself becoming more and more comfortable with the chaos. And I think part of it was also seeing other people breaking their habits of being a typical ‘Sauderite’ that also encouraged me to do the same. So, thanks for that 🙂

  2. natashafenlee

    I felt exactly the same way coming into this course – the feedback I got from friends who have taken this course was also along the same lines! Moura’s syllabus was also the first sign to me that this course was going to be different, but different in a fun way. Really relate to your thoughts about developing skills to “cope with the chaos” of the studio. It definitely made me uncomfortable in the beginning because we are so used to the structure of other commerce classes, but something I will take with me as I graduate into the real world which is full of unexpected surprises!

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