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The art of interviewing

One of the things I do here at Sauder is interviewing people. Who do I interview… you might ask. For the most part, I interview students who have taken a course before to see how they have applied strategic design in their internships or careers, and I write their stories up into case […]

A User-Centred Design

A User-Centred Design

In a world where technology is rapidly developing and where new machines are created in the service industry, one such company has learnt to successfully design a machine centred on user-experience. If you are thinking about the Mac, that’s a good choice but I am not referring to it at this point of time. Together […]

Children's work of the Mural (taken from

Different sides of Creativity — The Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

Vandalism or creativity? How much of this is considered an expression of art, and how much of this is considered damaging public properties?   Yes, I am talking about graffiti. Graffiti refers to drawings or scribbles created illicitly on public surfaces such as walls. Just two years ago, a Swiss National was charged for spray-painting […]

Glassblowing — just like a design process

Glassblowing — just like a design process

Talk about Venice—and the first thing that pops up in many of our minds is a “City of Water.” Indeed, when I was travelling in Venice during my teens, one thing I found it difficult to believe was that there were such things as “a water police, a water fire station, and a water taxi.” […]

Colouring. Taken by child's parents.

Business Innovation makes parents’ lives easier

A fact about me. I love working with children. Simply interacting with them makes me really happy. In fact, a lot of people have actually asked me why am I in Business, and not Education? Well, I believe taking a degree in Business will still open up a career with children. One day I was […]

(Top Left Corner) Bandra Ohm Residential Tower in India, Piano House in China, ICEHOTEL in Sweden (Top Right Corner)


What do all these designs have in common?   Innovation. Something out of the blue. Something interesting. Something that not many people would ideate and think it is feasible enough. Recently, Moura (the professor of Sauder shared with our team a really interesting article from 21 illustrated idea killers – reasons why creative […]

Credit: Changi Airport Group


Ever wonder what is it like to have technological ideas made into a form of art? ‘Kinetic Rain’, a sculpture made up of 1216 bronze droplets that transforms elegantly into multiple shapes, akin to poetry in motion can be seen in Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi Airport. Credit: Just watching this piece of artwork through […]

World Class Cities Partnership Summit: overview

World Class Cities Partnership Summit: overview

Barcelona. Lisbon. Vancouver. Haifa. Boston. Hamburg. Lyon. Dublin. What do these great cities have in common?  They are members of the World Class Cities Partnership — a group of medium sized (i.e., not uber-urban conurbations like NY or London or Tokyo) keen on sharing best practices in urban sustainability and collaborating between cities and universities […]

Creative Business Thinking:  finale

Creative Business Thinking: finale

It’s all about using constraints to be more creative.  That was one of the final messages that Balder left the students with during the Creative Business Thinking finale. Looking into the idea of constraints and creativity unearths some good back-up research.  For example, from a team at the University of Amsterdam. Their work is […]