The CityStudio is a comprehensive course which unites the City of Vancouver with students and instructors from Vancouver’s 6 public post-secondary institutions in a long-term initiative aiming to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020. leader Moura Quayle has worked closely with the CityStudio as a part of its Leadership Team. COMM 468J, the undergraduate course is currently a CityStudio partner course.

Vancouver Economic Commission

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) is an agency of the City of Vancouver which brings together all levels of government, local and international businesses, technology institutions and post-secondary institutions such as UBC, as well as other key organizations and individuals in order to foster Vancouver’s economic development. The VEC is the secretariat of the CityStudio.

Climate Smart

Climate Smart is a Vancouver-based social enterprise dedicated to providing small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with successful climate change solutions. It has now trained more than 550 businesses, worked with more than 25 host partners and has expanded to run programs outside of Canada.

UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA)

The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture offers innovative undergraduate, professional and research programs which equip future leaders in the professions of architecture and landscape architecture with the experience and skills necessary for contemporary practice.  Ron Kellet, a SALA professor co-taught the pilot course with Moura in 2010 and remains a member of the team. He is currently teaching a CityStudio partner course. Moura is a former SALA professor.

Design Engineering UBC

Design Engineering at UBC is a Chair proposal aiming to enhance education in the Faculty of Applied Sciences by promoting the principles of innovation, productivity and sustainability. It also seeks to encourage the graduation of a greater number of skilled design engineers. Design Engineering is a partner with the in the initiative to bring a greater design presence to UBC.

Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is one of the leading, as well as one of the largest business schools in Europe. It is currently implementing a new framework, “Business in Society”, which focuses on the social contexts and implications of the activities of businesses and organizations. In June 2011 Sauder and CBS announced a strategic alliance to dramatically increase collaboration between the two business schools. The institutions signed an agreement providing stronger ties across a broad range of initiatives, including research, academic programs, student and faculty exchange, and other scholarly pursuits.

Boconni University, Italy

The Boconni University in Italy seeks to offer an education suited to the nature and needs of the European and global economy. The Buconni SDA (MBA Program) aims to match the realities of the current marketplace and to promote thinking outside of traditional business models through the principles of design, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The University maintains connections with the as a fellow institution seeking to incorporate elements of design into a business education.

Brunel Business School

Named after renowned and innovative civil engineer Isambard Brunel, the Brunel University in England champions academic precision and combines imaginative and entrepreneurial attitudes with practical applicability. Its Center for Research in Enterprise, Innovation, Sustainability and Ethics (BRESE) is a hub in which initiatives that apply principles of design and sustainability proliferate. Such initiatives foster the University’s relations with the

California College of Art and Design

Another higher-learning institution in contact with the is the California College of Art and Design. The College’s MBA in Design Strategy seeks to equip students for management in today’s interconnected markets. It is centered around a conception of business as ethical, sustainable and innovative.

Cass Business School

The Cass Business School at the City University in London, England, prides itself on being a forward-thinking intellectual hub, and on offering students the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to do business at the highest level in London.  The’s mission connects with many of the Cass’s initiatives, such as the Projects by Design workshop, the Center for Leadership, Learning and Change (CLLC), new international and interdisciplinary developments in the MBA, as well as courses and workshops grounded in ethics and focused on corporate sustainability.


ESADE at the Roman LLull University in Spain offers education in Law and Management aiming to reinforce the Spanish economy, encourage innovation and enterprise, and advocate corporate social responsibility. The is in contact with the University, as it shares in its design, sustainability and entrepreneurial interests.

Haas School of Business

Another institution with relations to is the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, California. With the objective of producing alumni who will redefine how we do business , Haas fosters fresh and outside-the-box thinking, as well as community collaboration and positive social impacts.

IESE Business School

The also maintains connections with the IESE Business School at the University of Navarra, Spain, which endeavours to shape out of its students managers and leaders whose ambition and responsibility will transform business and society. Social entrepreneurship, sustainability and a multidisciplinary approach characterize an IESE education.

Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School centers on the intersection of knowledge among different fields of education, two of which are design and business. It aspires to create change agents in industry and the public sector, whether they be business innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists or designers. The College and the, with their many shared interests, maintain an association.

Judge Business School

Another relation is the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. As it is a part of Cambridge, one of the foremost international intellectual communities, as it is a leader in high-tech entrepreneurship, and as it is backed by an extended network of corporate and academic partnerships, the school promises to yield alumni who will “leave a mark” on the world.

London Business School

The London Business School is also a associate. Boasting a very international and multicultural learning environment, the school is running design and sustainability initiatives as a part of its mandate to generate leaders who will have a significant social impact.

London School of Economics

An institution of international significance, the London School of Economics seeks to link academic and business communities across the world, as well as improve society through its social sciences programs such as law, politics, economics, accounting and finance. The retains an important connection with the school.

Politecnico di Milano

Rooted in one of the most developed industrial areas in Europe, the Politecnico di Milano offers a multidisciplinary education which aims to produce innovative architects, engineers and industrial designers. With initiatives such as its Laboratory of Management of Design and Innovation and its Design and Innovation for Sustainability Research Unit, this science and technology university is a valuable associate.


SAID Business School

The maintains a connection with the SAID Business School at the University of Oxford, in England. Through learning which explores not only the nature of business, but also its relation to the wider world, and by including programs which focus on social entrepreneurship, technological innovation and enterprise design, SAID sets as its goal the training of a “new generation” of business leaders.

The Bartlett: Faulty of the Built Environment

The Bartlett is a part of the University College London, and is made up of five multidisciplinary schools and two specialist research centers, all of which center around research and education for the built environment. These include a school of architecture, a school of construction and project management, a school of graduate studies, a school of planning, a development and planning unit, and a Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. The Bartlett and the maintain continuing contact.

Warwick Business School

Ranking in the top one-percent of business schools worldwide, the Warwick Business School focuses on the development of global citizens through executive education programs, as well as leading applied research in every field of management. It remains a valuable affiliate to the