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Techniques Toolkit – Strategy Canvas

Techniques Toolkit – Strategy Canvas

For the techniques toolkit, I recommend introducing both the strategy canvas  and the 4 actions framework proposed in the book “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Similar to the business canvas, the strategy canvas looks to see how a company can capitalize on a market by creating blue oceans, or competing in open market space. The strategy canvas […]

Mini-Assignment 2


Choose Your Lens.

Why do some people choose to view life through rose-coloured glasses?  A bit weird aren’t they – those unnaturally happy people who practically bounce when they walk and have rainbows oozing out from between their lips when they smile. Although a very simplified version, science and research has now given us insight into the brains […]


Mini Assignment: TED Talk- Stefon Harris on “There are no mistakes on the bandstand”

Video Link: Here is a visual representation I made of the Ted Talk.

Colour my World – with Hats

How many project groups have I participated in during my time at Sauder?  4?  8?  10?  How many of those groups have make a commitment to attempt to strive for creative thinking?  1?  2? dStudio gave me the opportunity to be in a class full of 25+ other likeminded students.  Students who were hunger to […]

Find it. Find yours.

Design and creativity are undeniably linked.  They are an old married couple.  Sometimes it is hard to satisfy the needs of both, but often, they stand for the same principles.  There has been much research around creativity: the causes, the catalyst, the benefits, the applications, etc.  The conclusion?  Creativity as unique as a user’s fingerprint.  […]

Sharing goals- a positive feedback loop

Mini Assignment: TED Talk- Derek Sivers on “Keep Your Goals to Yourself”

Video Link: I chose this TED talk because I found it very interesting- it is counterintuitive to the “togetherness” environment and energy of the D-Studio. I disagree with this speaker. Sivers advocates that we should not tell other people about our goals. When we tell people about our goals, people congratulate us and have a […]

Ideas – where do they come from? [mini assignment 1B]

When talking about modern “Eureka” moments, turns out that theyre not typically experienced in the bathtub or while sitting under the apple tree, these days they happen a lot in coffee shops or bars over a conversation perhaps. Its interesting to compare how and where ideas surface has changed with the progression of time. Back […]

Charles Leadbeater on Innovation

Charles talks about how innovation is a creative collaboration, that it occurs because of the users and consumers rather than the professionals in business. He states that passionate amateurs using new tools and with a desire for success create new products that professional companies can’t. It’s interesting to think of the role users and consumers […]

Reflection 5 – How Far We’ve Come

Are we done already? Feels like we’ve just begun. Being a part of the Design Studio has been a great opportunity so far and I definitely feel as though I’ve got the tools to continue improving. The design thinking process is a way to solve problems in a creative way and as a student I […]