Eye Phone


Eye phone is an exercise that:

  • Helps practice keen observation.
  • To make you think about what you are seeing and why you are choosing to capture that “visual thought”.
  • Helps develop visual story-telling skills.


How do we see? How do we record and store what we see? And what does it mean?

Eye phone is a technique that provides you an opportunity to practice your observations skills.

Using your smart phone, take photos to build a visual and verbal narrative that tells a story about the “topic” you are currently working on.

Discipline yourself to choose 8 photos and then only use a double-tweet (280 characters) in total to annotate the photos.


Take lots of photos (like generating lots of ideas) and then choose the eight that best tell your story.

Experiment with two approaches:

  • Develop a story in advance and choose photos to support the narrative.
  • Let the photos and the experience of taking the photos develops the story.